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Office of Research Services
University of Pennsylvania
5th floor Franklin Building
3451 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA. 19104

215.898.7293 (Phone)
215.898.9708 (Fax)

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If you experience a problem or have a question regarding use of the Proposal Development or Proposal Tracking application you can either send an email with your question or a description of the problem to:


Use the Support link in the PD/PT application to contact the Proposals Support Group

Users who need help with Account Information (i.e. AIS not found or incorrect information on AIS) should send an email to

For technical problems (i.e. error messages) with the report please visit the Data Warehouse support page at

Questions or problems related to Regulatory Affairs (IRB or IACUC) protocols should be directed to the IRB and Aries Helpdesks directly at:
IRB helpdesk:
IACUC helpdesk:

Help for all users
Online reference materials are available to all users. Reference materials are available on the web for the SPIN, GENIUS/SMARTS, Lab Animals Tracking, Human Subjects Tracking, and Proposals modules.
If you have any trouble with the PennKey process, contact your Local Support Provider. For a contact list, go to
If you are having problems with this website, please send an email to

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